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Posted on 08-25-2017

How MPOD Testing Helps Assess Risk for Macular Degeneration in Long Grove IL

When you are diagnosed with age related macular degeneration in Long Grove IL, there is no cure for this eye disease but with early detection, you can slow the progression of the disease and accompanying vision loss.

Here at Forsight Vision, our optometrists provide macular degeneration treatments in Long Grove that begin with MPOD testing. Find out more about MPOD testing and how this is instrumental in reducing your risk of developing macular degeneration or AMD.

women is being examined for macular degeneration in Long Grove

What is Macular Pigment?

Macular pigment is a yellowed area in the retina that protects the eye from blue light rays. When your macular pigment is low this is cause for alarm. It is associated with a high-risk factor for macular degeneration. Also, if you have low macular pigment, your reduced vision will have lower contrast sensitivity and increased glare. You can also suffer from poor vision and decreased acuity or vision sharpness. By using MPOD testing, our eye doctors in Long Grove can determine your macular pigment density.

What Is MPOD Testing and How Does It Help Prevent AMD?

MPOD stands for macular pigment optical density and is a test of the thickness of your macular pigment. We offer MPOD testing here at Forsight Vision in Long Grove IL. This is a noninvasive eye exam that is done in our office. The average macular pigment density is .35, so if your MPOD testing score is a 0 to .21, you are considered to be low MP. The high range for testing is between .45 and 1.0. As your optometrists in Long Grove IL, we can begin preventative care for AMD pending your MPOD test results.

How Can I Protect My Eyes from Vision Problems from Aging?

As we age our eyes gradually decline in functionality and we are more susceptible to vision problems from aging. Fortunately, by visiting our optometrists for a routine eye exam and getting MPOD testing in Long Grove, vision loss can be prevented or diagnosed as early as possible. This gives our eye doctors the best advantage for providing preventative treatments to slow the progression of vision loss. 

Choose Our Office of Optometry in Long Grove for Macular Degeneration Preventive Care

Get a start on preventative care by visiting an at optometrist in Long Grove at Forsight Vision. We provide comprehensive vision and eye care services. Contact our office at 847-955-9393 to get started.

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