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Dry Eye Treatments in Long GroveDry eye treatment long grove

Finding dry eye treatments in Long Grove starts with choosing the right optometrist to meet your vision care needs. Here at Forsight Vision, Drs. Todd Cohan, O.D. and Emily Pott, O.D. provide comprehensive eye care solutions for people in Long Grove, Kildeer, Vernon Hills and other nearby suburbs. If you are ready to stop suffering from dry and scratchy eyes due to a dry eye condition, learn more about what we can do to assist your vision needs.

Dry Eye Condition

Dry eye is a very common medical condition in the U.S. People with dry eye have tear glands and tear ducts that aren’t producing enough moisture. Symptoms of dry eyes are inflammation and redness in the eyes along with a scratchy and burning feeling. Dry eye is most common among post-menopausal women, as well as those over age 41. However, anyone can get dry eye, which can also be caused by wearing contact lenses.  Environmental factors like working at a computer screen for long periods can also contribute to dry eye. You can treat dry eye effectively by seeing an eye doctor for dry eye relief.

Long Grove Optometrist Services for Dry Eye

The first step for treating dry eyes is to see your Long Grove optometrist for an eye exam. At Forsight Vision we offer comprehensive vision exams to test you for dry eye. Our dry eye specialists use state-of-the-art keratograph imaging to assist with proper diagnosis and determining which treatment/eye drops are best for your specific needs. When diagnosed with a dry eye condition, Dr. Cohan or Dr. Pott will set up a customized plan for your dry eye treatment at our Long Grove office. Often, prescription strength eye drops are used to provide lubrication to the eye. In severe cases your eye doctor may refer you for eye surgery to close up the tear ducts as a way to control eye moisture. 

Dry Eye Relief

While prescription strength lubricating eye drops are an effective solution for most patients with dry eye, this condition can also be treated with lifestyle changes. For example, if you are using a computer screen for many hours a day and this is a cause of your dry eye, your eye doctor may suggest changing your work station to make it more eye friendly.

If you are suffering from dry eye caused by contact lenses your optometrist may suggest a different prescription for corrective vision. Individuals with dry eye due to a medical condition like diabetes, can learn ways to combat dry eye while managing their condition. The best way to treat your dry eye condition begins with comprehensive vision care by Forsight Vision. This allows your optometrist in Long Grove to discuss personalized treatment methods best suited for your lifestyle and health.

Seeking a Long Grove Optometrist 

If you are looking for a Long Grove optometrist to provide you with dry eye treatments, we’re here to help. At Forsight Vision we serve patients in Long Grove and the surrounding communities including  Deer Park, Riverwoods, and Hawthorn Woods. Let us assist you with the latest and most effective treatments for your dry eyes. Contact Forsight Vision at (847) 955-9393 to schedule an appointment for dry eye relief.

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